Tornando-se Au Pair / família de acolhimento Qual país de acolhimento?

How I get visa for CANADA as Nanny or Housekeeper.

I am working in SINGAPORE as Domestic Worker.How should I get CANADA VISA? 

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Hello Tanuja,

Thanks a lot for your question.

First of all, like for all countries, you can find the country information here:
The prerequisite to apply for permanent residence as a care giver for children are quite strong. You can find directly on the official Canadian webpage if you are eligible here:

The other option is then to work as a temporary in-home care-giver. You can here again find the details here:
In this case it is easier to enter the program, but still a lot of paperwork has to be done by the host family.

Please let me know if we can assist further.


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